Celina Fall League Rules

  1. All teams must bat all players dressed.  If you have 12 players, you must bat all 12.  Please turn a line-up card with complete names and numbers into the diamond official 10 minutes before your scheduled time


  1. Free defensive substitution.  This does not mean the batting order.  We donít want the leadoff hitter coming up at the beginning of every game. Must rotate batting order. (ex. If the number 3 batter makes the last out of the game.  The number 4 batter should bat lead-off the next game.    This allows batters an equal amount of time at bat.


  1. No player can sit out more than 2 consecutive innings.  Try not to make it the same players sitting out all of the time.


  1. No inning can start after 1 hour and 20 minutes after the game started.  If the game starts at 12:30 and the fifth inning is over at 1:51, then the game is over.  If you can get an inning started before the 1 hour 20 minutes time limit, you can complete the inning. No game will go past 1 hour and 30 minutes.  The game ends at 1 hour and 30 minutes regardless of the situation. The score will revert back to the last completed inning.


  1. All High School softball rules will apply.


  1. Do not become abusive with the umpires or the diamond officials.


  1. Report all pitching changes to the diamond official at your diamond.


  1. Team playing the first game of the day can take a ten-minute infield.  How ever, that game will begin promptly at 10:00.  The following games will not be allowed to take infield.


  1. Pitchers are allowed 2 warm-up pitches between innings.


  1. Coaches have your players hustle in and out.  This will allow us to have more complete games.


  1. Players are encouraged to bring heir own helmets, catcherís equipment, and bats.  No bats will be provided.


  1. Games will start as scheduled or as directed by diamond officials.


  1. No infield ball after the first inning


  1. A player of the game shirt will be given for each game.  It does NOT have to go to a player on the winning team.  Shirt sizes are not guaranteed.


  1. No teams are to practice.  The league is about playing when the weather is still nice.  We do not to interfere with fall school sports.

16. There is a maximum limit of six (6) runs to score per team per inning in the jr. high division.   No team can score more than 6 runs per an at bat. (jh division)